Vinyasa Yoga, A Seamless Transition into Fall

As the days get shorter and the weather becomes cooler, we have a powerful opportunity to reflect upon our intentions for our health and well-being. As we naturally gravitate to more indoor activities, consider adding a daily yoga practice to your routine to help ground you, relieve stress and bring more physical strength and overall balance into your life.

The word, Vinyasa, has many meanings, including a style of yoga that includes using the breath and movement to link postures. While practicing Vinyasa, we have the opportunity to set intentions to build a healthier life, while letting go of habits that do not serve us. Building new habits will inevitably help us to build new rituals that can bring consciously directed change in our lives.

Intentions to set during the practice of yoga could include the following: the opportunity to bring more peace into our lives, releasing the need for control, going with life’s flow, finding trust in something outside of ourselves, acknowledging the areas in our lives that we neglect, and finding acceptance of ourselves as we are..

Each person that practices has different needs and intentions and every “body” that practices, is unique. A good teacher will help the student access the appropriate level of the posture while finding the balance of work and ease within the pose, a concept that we can bring into our lives off of our yoga mats.

Christi Iacono, Owner/Teacher, In Rhythms Yoga, Clairemont


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Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.”~B.K.S. Iyengar

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