Yoga in Your Neighborhood “In Rhythms Yoga”

Serving Clairemont for 5 years!

Beginners are welcome. Yoga is for everyone.

Vinyasa/Hatha – focus on breath, movement and alignment. Hatha yoga builds strength, balance, and flexibility. Move, breathe and find the balance of ease and effort. This class is suitable for beginners to advanced. We give you modifications to meet your needs. 




Healthy Back Yoga Walls – In this unique class, we focus on spinal health. Learn how habits that we’ve created can either benefit or cause dis-ease in the body. Use the walls to deepen awareness and strength in traditional yoga postures. Hanging on the yoga walls is gentle on the spine, and it feels amazing. Beginners are welcome.

Yin yoga – we use props to relax into the pose for 3-5 minutes to receive the benefits of letting go.  Find comfort in the body and the mind. If you haven’t tried yin yoga, it is a wonderful tool to build more joy into your life.


A Treat for Mom Mother’s Day Special Yin Class

Sunday, May 14, 9:15-10:30 am

Join Lisa for an inspiring treat on Mother’s Day. We will focus on taking care of you for a change! Yin Yoga is relaxing, wonderful and healing. In this class the only work being done, is on letting go. We will indulge in our inner creative energy through the 5 senses. Class will include a short guided meditation. Stay for light refreshments after class.  Beginners are welcome.

We offer weekday and weekend classes, private lessons and private parties. Meditation and awakening workshops are on the schedule in May. Class sizes are small and intimate. Our teachers are qualified and caring.

For more information contact Christi: (619) 952-4957 2 blocks from Holmes Elementary 92111