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The Clairemont Times is an independent family friendly newspaper primarily serving the communities of: Clairemont, Linda Vista, Bay Park & Kearny Mesa with exposure in surrounding communities.

Established in 2011 The Clairemont Times is the only local newspaper dedicated to serving the neighborhoods.  From its startup days to today the paper continues to grow both in print and online.

CORVID-19 Corona Virus Update (4/1/2020)

As of April 1, 2020, The Clairemont Times printed monthly publication has temporarily suspended printing a physical newspaper.

In the 8+ years of operation, we have never missed a print deadline, we have printed over a hundred editions of the paper (102).  The pandemic sweeping across the world has changed the daily lives of many people.  Printing a hard copy of the paper is not a viable option at this time.

With that being said for a number of years I have partnered with a leading digital advertising web platform used throughout the United States, Canada and overseas.  When it comes to digital advertising, we have you covered.

Below is a sample of just some of the digital options to highlight your business.

For more information, ad options, pricing and how your business can be highlighted, please call or email me directly.

Be safe.

Chris O’Connell, Founding Publisher/Owner

(858) 752-9779

Clairemont Times Website Advertising

The Clairemont Times offers a variety of premium formats that can fit into our established ad slots.

The days of standard banner ads are gone, we can promote your business online with eye catching advertisement opportunities.  View a sampling of online ad options below call or email for more online ad ideas.  We can make your business stand out when every visitor arrives at

Instant Facebook, Twitter, Instagram / Landscape

As shown in this example the Facebook Ad creates an ad from your public Facebook page. The server pulls in the latest post from your Facebook feed, and displays the photo, caption and, as an option, comments and “like” information on the post. It only pulls in posts from the admin of the page, but will pull in comments by other users. The Twitter Ad and Instagram Ad also pull from your public Twitter or Instagram feed, and offer all the same features as the Facebook Ad.

[broadstreet ad=”95788″]

Instant Facebook, Twitter, Instagram / Portrait

Same as above but in portrait view for Sidebar placements.

[broadstreet ad=”64164″]

3D Cube

Great for capturing attention, this ad displays six images and captions of your choosing in a rotating cube (on the latest browsers). The cube will accept any photo sizes, but square works best if you don’t want any auto-cropping or sizing. Supports individual links per slide.

[broadstreet ad=”37648″]

YouTube™ Ad Popup

Embed a YouTube™ video as an advertisement – but unlike the standard YouTube ad, when the user clicks on the video, it opens and plays in a modal instead of in the sidebar, with an optional message below the embedded video. Set any width or height while being responsive and mobile friendly. It even tracks plays and views in a less-than-perfect but clever manner.

[broadstreet ad=”63285″]

Click to Enlarge

A very simple format which displays an image and a “Click to Enlarge” call to action which will open the image in a new window. Useful for store flyers and circulars.

[broadstreet ad=”32594″]


The above digital ad formats are but a small sample size of our online advertising capabilities.  If you have a digital format in mind let me know, I am sure we have an option to help your business or event stand out.

Free Listing

If you would like a free listing on our website: visit the Business Directory Page and submit your company

Please contact Chris O’Connell at (858) 752 9779 or email for price and placement availability in print and/or online.