Celebrate the New Year, Set a Sankalpa, and Plant a “Seed” for Growth

Sankalpa is the yogic word for intention or resolution, but with a yogic twist. While a New Year’s resolution is an expression of desire for change, a sankalpa is about coming to peace with the past and setting a positive intention for what’s to come. We take a different approach, perhaps one that is more successful to achieve.

I encourage my students at the start of class to bring awareness to the heart space, “Bring the palms to heart center. Drop the chin towards the chest and acknowledge the heart. Take a moment to notice is there a longing or a need, or a feeling of health or contentment?” This is an opportunity to acknowledge something you are subtly aware of that is ready to be brought into the forefront of consciousness.

When setting an intention in yoga, we plant a “seed” to bring more of something that already exists into our lives. For example: I am healthy, I am enough, or I let go of fear and allow myself to trust in the universe or God(s) to provide. Quiet the mind and check-in on an internal level in order to set a meaningful intention. Like an internal vow or prayer, it accentuates an already present state of being. I am happy, I am powerful, my feelings are non-negotiable.

When practicing yoga, we are encouraged to let-go of things that do not serve us in our

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lives. Sometimes the very things that do not serve us, are the desires to want our situations to be different. If I lose ten pounds, I will be happy.  If I change jobs, I will be happy. Perhaps if we take a moment to acknowledge and accept the positive things that already exist in our lives, we will find that we have enough and are enough to be happy and find peace. Take a moment to quiet the mind, make peace with 2016, and plant a seed to grow into fruition in 2017.

To learn more about yoga for all levels and ages, and healthy back yoga walls class, please email Christi at christi@inrhythmsyoga.com or call 619 952-4957.

“Whatever we put our attention on will grow stronger in our life.” Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Christi Iacono, 500 hr. Yoga Teacher, Happy Back, Yoga Walls certified, Owner, In Rhythms Yoga, Clairemont, SD


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