Vietnam Veterans (1966-1970) Memorial to be Held at Mt Soledad

3rd Battalion 26th Marines, 5th Marine Division (Vietnam 1966-1970) to be honored at Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial on 25 August at 2 pm.

A memorial will be held to recognize the 50th Anniversary of the reactivation of 3rd Battalion 26th (3/26) Marines in 1966.  This will be a chance to renew old friendships and more importantly to honor the 391 Marines and Navy Corpsmen who died while serving with 3/26 during the period from 1966 to 1970.

For those who made the ultimate sacrifice, we will be holding a Memorial Service and Plaque Dedication on Thursday August 25 at the Mt. Soledad National Veteran’s Memorial at 2 pm.




The 5th Marine Division, after having fought at Iwo Jima, was deactivated after World War II.  With the buildup of Marine forces for Vietnam, the 3rd Battalion 26th Marines was reactivated in June of 1966 at Camp Pendleton and then deployed to Vietnam.  For this 50th Anniversary, several members of that original Battalion will be attending a reunion here in San Diego.

The 3rd Battalion 26th Marines, 5th Marine Marine Division, Vietnam 1966-1970, have been having reunions every other year since 1992.  Approximately 175 members and guests will attend the reunion.

The Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial is one of the most unique veterans memorials in the United States. More than 4,200 individual veteran tributes, embedded on black granite plaques, are mounted onto 11 curved walls and honor United States veterans, living and deceased, from Revolutionary times up to today. The Memorial stands high on La Jolla’s Mt. Soledad, offering panoramic views of San Diego, the mountains, the Pacific Ocean and Mexico.

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