York, Maine

Perkins Cove

York, Maine – America’s first chartered city (1632) and one of New England’s earliest colonial settlements is the quintessential small New England Town.  Rugged, rocky coastlines call young and old to its shores or “Showas”  as

it’spronounced in town. Which basically consists of the same attractions it did when I combed these beaches as a young boy with my brothers, sister, two cousins and of course our two German Shepherds, Shep and Sheba, and even they were brother and sister who came in handy as all we had to do was fill our pales full of  treasures, have them bite down on the handles and they would happily carry them back.  York beach is full of memories.  The Fun-O-Rama, right on the waters



edge where you can still walk in across well worn wood floors scuffed from years of beach traffic sand and salt air. Put a few coins in the juke box,  play table games, or shuffle board,  buy a towel, sunglasses, hat some Coppertone tanning oil or bowl a few frames of candlepin complete with wooden pins until you ran out of nickels.

There are two main beaches in York Beach.  Short sands and Long Sands.  Both clearly defined by their names.  Short Sands is my favorite.  Home to one of the most recognizable paces to any kid under 110, the “Golden Rod!”  We stood here for hours. Mesmerized in front of oversized windows as the chef in white coat and hat stood over huge heated copper pots filled with a sugary concoction that eventually became Saltwater Taffy. Peanut Butter is all I ever wanted, (that’s the only one my dog would eat) and I had to reward him for carrying back all those pails full of sand and seaweed. For me, mornings are the best time to walk the beaches, a few lone seagulls hoping to find a crab in the still moist sand, the occasional jogger passes by and the lone fisherman holding his own nods a polite hello.





Maine is a beautiful state and if you haven’t been or haven’t been in a while, it’s worth the trip.  Quaint villages, towns and Inn’s dot the coastline, shops for every budget.  You definitely cannot beat the taste of fresh Maine Lobster or Crab.  I prefer Lobster and Crab rolls over boiled it’s less work and it’s the same stuff heaven is made of.  Take a short drive into Wells, Perkins Cove and Ogunquit, but I always stay on Short Sands and always stay at a wonderful old (1868) Victorian Hotel, the “Union Bluff”.  Right on the water offering everything you would expect, including sea views and lovely balconies.

Whatever you do, get out of the car, walk the paths and follow the sun, as it will eventually lead you to your dreams.  Happy Travels!

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