Chateau Drive Hike Scheduled for November 22nd

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An Oak Oasis in Clairemont

Chateau Drive Hike Scheduled for November 22nd

The Tecolote Canyon Natural Park is divided into three sections by major east-west thoroughfares. The section north of Balboa Avenue is the narrowest and is home to a large number of mature Coast Live Oak Trees. The presence of these trees provides shade and a very pleasant hiking experience. The hiking trail can be accessed from either North Clairemont Community Park or a trailhead at Chateau Drive and Genesee Avenue.

The trail from Genesee Avenue includes three creek crossings in the first quarter mile before it turns south and heads towards Balboa. The oak trees are dependent on the additional moisture that Tecolote Creek provides. The ribbon of oaks that snakes its way down the canyon is bordered by coastal sage scrub on one side and chaparral vegetation on the other. These three habitats in close proximity offer a diversity of plant, animal, and bird species.

The trail is 2 ½ miles round trip and offers a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of city streets. It is fairly level and wide in most places. There is some poison oak in the canyon, but it is not close to the hiking trail. The trail meanders in and out of the oak trees and crosses a small bridge at one point. Scrub Jays, Towhees and seasonal Yellow-Rumped Warblers can be seen foraging among the trees.

Please join the Tecolote Canyon Interpretive Group for a guided hike through this portion of Tecolote Canyon on Saturday, November 22 at 9:00 a.m. We will meet at the park sign at Genesee Ave. and Chateau Drive. There are no facilities at the trailhead and parking is on Chateau Dr. Please bring water, sunscreen and sturdy hiking or walking shoes. For more information, contact the Tecolote Nature Center at 858-581-9959.

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