What Size Hook Should I Use?

By Captain Paul Fischer

One of the most popular questions I receive on the boat is what size hooks do I use?

This answer is not a simple one. You always match your hooks to the size of the bait.  A size 2 Mustad hook is smaller than a #2 owner hook.

Expensive hook do not work better. Fishing tackle is made to catch fisherman not always fish.  If you plan on ‘catch and release’ I suggest circle hooks of any manufacturer, light wire circles for smaller fish and standard gauge for larger ones.

For general ocean fishing I fish regular Mustad hooks #94150, the reason is they work. You want a hook with a sharp point and a large barb because the barb is what keeps the fish hooked.

On the laser sharp hooks we see tons of fish lost because the barb actually cuts its way out.  You want a sharp point to drive the hook out of the bait and into the fish’s mouth and a big dull barb to keep it on the end of your line.

We have also seen tons of long shank hooks typically sold as live bait hooks. They are the worst hooks ever, laser sharp barb and long shank typically end in disappointment and a below average catch.

We’ll have a lot more fish stories & tips to come in future editions stay tuned.  For more information or questions about Outer Limits Sportfishing: visit www.OuterLimit.net

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