The Politics of Discontent and the Mark of Bigfoot

by Daniel Smiechowski

Lurking in the political wilderness lies an illusion of sorts, a mystery to most voters, it merits closer scrutiny and deliberation. A type of shell game runs amok, candidates are scurrying about and glad handing themselves to possible elective office. An effort best described as clearing the deck early on the watch of most voters. We, an informed electorate ought to take notice. It’s fast and furious out on the political hinterlands.

Make no mistake, I understand the logic and historicity of early endorsements, insider deals and the power of the purse, but in view of the average voter, this is a big deal. Several weeks ago, it was announced that California Assembly member Toni Atkins had amassed a considerable war chest to be used with due discretion. Shortly thereafter, a young thirty something attorney endorsed by Madame Atkins no less, is on her way to Sacramento as a possible heir apparent. Same position, same war chest, same everything. As the old saying goes, something stinks in Denmark. It may be legal and ethical, but it just doesn’t feel right.

While Assembly member Atkins may have more do re me stashed away than Carters got liver pills, we as the concerned electorate ought to take pause in the mark of Bigfoot. I personally have no stomach for insider back room deals from either major political party. Especially eighteen months out from the primary when it appears the intention is to discourage competition. And discourage they did, with impunity and laughter at those contemplating a run. So much for the man on the street and the politics of winning brick by brick, the old fashioned way as ought to be the case.

Make no mistake, these are good people caught up in a dysfunctional system with its intent to win at any cost. The San Diego County Democratic Central Committee will most likely not vote for this endorsement until early next year. Talk about taking the cart before the horse and not seeing the forest for the trees. Who are these elites, anyway? These political shenanigans are of particular concern being that so few of our citizens actually casts a ballot. In essence, we are fast becoming a totalitarian state, a closed society and the local chapter of the politburo. When a handful of citizens controls a process that affects millions, we have a problem. Take notice San Diego.

Be nice, do good deeds and don’t be a stranger as we at The Clairemont Times value your participation.

Daniel J. Smiechowski has been a resident of Clairemont since 1967 and can be reached or 858.220.4613

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