Police Blotter, March 2015

Police Blotter: Clairemont Times

Residential Burglary 3400 Waco St.

Battery 4200 Tolowa St.

Vehicle Break-In 4100 Mt. Alifan

Vehicle Break-In 5200 Mt. Etna Dr.

Fraud 4100 Balboa Way

Fraud 3000 Osceola Ave.

Residential Burglary 5000 San Aquario Dr.

Fraud 4600 Mt. Gaywas Dr.

Assault 4800 Genesee Ave.

Commercial Burglary 4600 Clairemont Mesa Ave.

Residential Burglary 3200 Townser St.

Theft 4700 Mt. Abernathy Ave.

Commercial Burglary 5600 Balboa Ave.

Vehicle Theft 4000 Avati Dr.

Battery 4800 Jumano Ave.

Commercial Burglary 4300 Genesee Ave.

Residential Burglary 3500 Ottawa Ave.

Commercial Burglary 6000 Mt. Alifan Dr.

Residential Burglary 2000 Burton St.

Vehicle Break-In 3700 Moraga Ave.

Vehicle Break-In 4500 Barnhurst Pl.

Vehicle Break-In 5100 Biltmore St.

Vehicle Break-In 3100 Fryden Ct.

Vandalism 5600 Balboa Ave.

Vehicle Theft 2200 Judson St.

Assault 6900 Linda Vista Rd.

Vehicle Theft 2000 Westinghouse St.

Residential Burglary 5100 Canosa Ave.

Vehicle Break-In 4600 De Soto St.

Vehicle Theft 2800 Whitney St.

Fraud 6600 Salizar St.

Vehicle Break_in 5600 Balboa Ave.

Commercial Burglary 4300 Moraga Ave.

Battery 5000 Conrad Ave.

Commercial Burglary 3600 Kearney Villa Rd.

Vehicle Break-In 3500 Angelucci St.

Fraud 6200 Beadnell Way

Vehicle Break-In 6000 Chandler Dr.

Vehicle Theft 4000 Mt. Barnard Ave.

Vehicle Theft 3600 Mt. Ariane Dr.

Battery 3000 Clairemont Dr.

Commercial Burglary 3900 Clairemont Dr.

Vehicle Theft 5100 Canosa Ave.

Residential Burglary 4400 Conrad Ave.

Vehicle Theft 4200 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

Vehicle Theft 2100 Burroughs St.

Residential Burglary 3500 Burbank Ct.

Battery 3200 Armstrong St.

Vehicle Break-In 5000 Diane Ave.

Vehicle Break-In 3000 Cowley Way

Vehicle Break-In 4100 Mt. Alvertine Ave.

Vandalism 2400 Meadow Lark Dr.

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