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The first design meeting for the LVSP as a whole was a success. Two concepts were presented and both had very unique aspects to them.

The “bridge” running above the park was a concept idea that was unique, but not the signature element for the skate park.

Absolutely the skate park is for local youth to perfect the craft. It shouldn’t stop there though. The skate park can also draw patrons from all over. I’m referring to individuals engaged in healthy activities, possibly from one of the two colleges that border LV or skate park regulars just bringing business and revenue into LV. Either way it is a boost to the local economy. I will even go a step further and say, it is the first step forward in many to come for the future of Linda Vista.

SITE and Schmidt Design Groups have been very receptive to the needs of the community overall. The website went up the day after the meeting and stayed up for 8 days where folks from the community could review the current design concepts and leave ideas for consideration for the final design.

The consensus from the locals was that current concepts  presented seemed to lack the WOW factor.  The most attractive and favored skate parks in America have a signature obstacle that is unique to that one skate park. It is the driving force behind the park’s popularity and a necessary element of Linda Vista being ground zero for So. Cal. Skateboarding attractions. Skateboarding is a multimillion dollar industry that goes up every year. It’s clear that the sport is here to stay.

In Linda Vista providing outlets for our youth to make healthier lifestyle choices has become responsibility #1. We are answering that call. Thanks to community groups like the Tony Hawk Foundation, American Legion #731, Doug Beckham and the LV Councils,  SDPD, SDFD and Councilman Scott Sherman and his staff. Sherman has loved the idea from the beginning and used his position to enrich the lives of many now and coming up in Linda Vista.

It’s a very exciting time for the Linda Vista community This project is the right thing at the right time for Linda Vista.  Ideas this right, you don’t have to sell, they sell themselves right now we just have to design the “right” skate park for this community.

To learn more, visit our next meeting February 10th 6 pm at the Linda Vista Rec Center 7064 Levant St, SD 92111.  Stay up to date, “Like” our Facebook Page

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