Raise the Balloon Community Survey

Photo by Richard Thell of www.ThellPhotography.com

by James LaMattery

Spokesperson for Raise the Balloon

The Community Survey has been released and is now online at www.raisetheballoon.com.

The RTB Committee will be launching a campaign to get all of Bay Park, Bay Ho, Overlook Heights and Clairemont residents aware of the survey.

The survey results have already given great direction in the drafting of our two Community Initiated Amendments. Final results will be posted online when the survey closes this spring.

One amendment is for a GAR (Green Area Ratio) to be added to our municipal code that will mandate green building practices, public spaces, and connectivity be implemented equally and fairly at the time that density changes are made to our community.

Raise The Balloon will be hosting neighborhood ‘Town-Halls’ to get more residents informed of the Community Plan Update underway and to gather feedback on the City’s proposed plan changes. Residents can join the email list on www.raisetheballoon.com to be informed of the time and place of the upcoming meetings.

Remember, every voice in our community counts! Please use yours by taking the Community Survey and attending the meetings.

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