The Best Hiking Spots to Kick Off the Month of August

View of the cliff sides from the Guy Fleming Trail near Torrey Pines Beach (photo by Owen Megura)

Imagine hiking the stunning San Diegan mountains overlooking the crisp sandy beaches and the powerful yet soothing ocean waves. These are the things that make San Diego the beautiful place it is.

According to Pacific San Diego, there are hiking trails for everyone, and Torrey Pines State Park provides many opportunities for stunning photography, as its trails explore the cliffs above Torrey Pines Beach. The hike offers two trails: the Razor Point Trail, measured at about 1.3 miles, and the Guy Fleming Trail, which is measured at about 0.7 miles. These trails are labeled at a fairly easy difficulty and are perfect for an afternoon stroll.

The Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail, while still retaining an easy difficulty, is much longer than those mentioned at Torrey Pines. This trail is home to many attractions such as waterfalls and rivers, and spans a distance of 4.7 miles. If someone prefers a longer hike while still putting in little effort, the Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail is perfect for that occasion.

The Lake Poway to Mount Woodson Trail is a hiker attraction that takes a step up from this article’s predecessors. At the end of this trail, the famous Potato-Chip Rock stands, a death-defying shred of rock that attracts many hikers. However, the trek up to the top spans 6.4 miles and is full of steep walkways and unforgiving challenges.

Guy Fleming Trail (photo by Owen Megura)

Avid hiker Linda Manna discovers that hiking in the early morning outdoors is a perfect way to connect with nature and feel calm before the day begins. “I like Tecolote Canyon because I can walk to it from my house, and it isn’t crowded” Manna explained. “I especially like hiking there during the springtime because the wildflowers are beautiful and colorful,” Manna stated excitedly.

Manna has visited many trails, including the Guy Fleming Trail in Torrey Pines State Reserve. “The Guy Fleming Trail is beautiful and a great place to hike, but unfortunately they don’t allow dogs,” Manna stated. “The hike is still in a very pretty location,” Manna elaborated.

Manna, besides enjoying nature’s stunning visuals, also has seen some wildlife amid her walks on the trails. “I saw a rattlesnake coiled up in the middle of the path ready to attack,” Manna said. “I have also seen some wild coyotes during my hike.” Manna concluded.

According to AccuWeather, weather predictions for the month of August state that the temperatures will range anywhere from 76 degrees to 81 degrees. Whether someone prefers hiking during the day or in the morning, the weather predictions promise nice and sunny days perfect for a lasting hike.

If somebody is feeling like a nice hike during the month of August, the weather combined with popular trails makes hiking a perfect morning or daytime activity to participate in. Depending on which trail someone chooses to conquer, there will always be promising visuals and opportunities to catch many species of wildlife living in the shrubs and trees.

A couple reminders for any hiker would be wearing proper footwear, appropriate clothing, sunblock as well as plenty of water to keep hydrated.

Owen Megura is an upcoming senior high school student who aspires to be a journalist. He plans on majoring in Journalism and minoring in Photography in order to become a travelling photo journalist in the future.