SDSU West Project to go Before San Diego City Council

Hello Linda Vista Residents and Stakeholders:

After extensive requests and outreach by City Councilmembers, SDSU has resolved to end confidential negotiations allowing for a more public and transparent process.

This coming Monday, October 14th at 2:00pm SDSU West representatives will be presenting the project and draft EIR to the City Council at City Council Chambers at 202 C Street 12th Floor. . We strongly encourage you to share this information within the community, and urge you to join us on Monday and share public comment on the planned development.

A recent Union Tribune article covers additional details of the decision made to move forward with transparency.

Earlier this month, the City of San Diego’s Planning Department issued a response to the SDSU’s Draft EIR, which highlighted many complex issues and areas of concern that need to be addressed prior to the sale of the land. The response has been attached to this email for you to read and share. It is critical that SDSU fulfills the commitments made in the ballot initiative, including: paying the full, fair market value for the land, conducting traffic mitigation outside of the stadium site, preventing the routine flooding at Murphy Canyon, and building and maintaining the promised river park.

SDSU’s responsibility to pay fair market value for the land was also mentioned in a Union Tribune article earlier this week.

It is vitally important for the future of District 7 that community concerns are documented at the Monday Council session. Please reach out to your friends and neighbors to share this breaking news and encourage them to attend. Finally, the public has an opportunity to participate and make their voices heard!

Noli Zosa


Linda Vista Planning Group

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