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A Q & A with Clairemont Born and Raised Musician, Singer/Songwriter & Music Publisher Gary Hyde.

Clairemont Times (CT): So Gary you grew up in Clairemont, were you always interested in music?

Gary Hyde (GH): I started playing piano at 5, we lived on Boise Ave, behind the Boys Club. After that, my family moved to the Mt. Streets and I started playing guitar at 11. All my musical roots began in Clairemont. I was in early bands with some great Clairemont musicians like Tom Kosta, Gary Nieves, and Randy Flores.

CT: You told me back many years ago you wrote a song called “Clairemont Mesa”?

GH: Yeah, it was on the first KGB Homegrown record. I had gone out to Nashville right after I graduated from Madison. I got a record deal and a publishing contract as a songwriter out there. On one of my trips back to San Diego I heard about the Homegrown album contest. I wrote “Clairemont Mesa” and entered it in the contest.

CT: So what happened after that?

GH: I recorded a few more albums, produced other artists and wrote a lot of songs. I’ve had over 100 songs recorded worldwide. There were a couple other Homegrown songs also, “Last One in La Jolla” and “Can’t go Back to Cardiff”. I also have written, produced, and sang quite a few commercials through the years.

CT: Music certainly has changed over the years, are you still playing?

GH:  Oh yeah, I play, write, and record every day. I think music has changed a little bit but the music business has changed a lot.  Songwriting hasn’t changed that much though, you still need to write great songs today, just like in the old days.

CT: Are you still playing live?

GH: A little bit. Last year I did a two man thing with my old friend Gary Nieves. We cut a CD, Gary and Gary. If you go to Gary Hyde Music on Youtube  you can hear a sampler of the CD.



CT: So what is Gary Hyde the musician up to nowadays?

GH: Well I just got done working on a CD that came out on Pacific Records. The name of the group is Super Groupie. Their CD is called Sky Sand Sol. You can buy it on itunes. These three young guys Austin Steele, Alex Perez, and Josh Mcneal are very talented. They all play, sing and write. Austin also produces. I co-wrote some songs with them, played a little guitar and produced some vocals. The CD’s producer is Pat Pickslay, he did a great job. I’ve worked with Pat on many projects through the years.

main_image_supergroupiealbumcover-300x300Super Groupie’s sound is very much what’s going on today with a touch of melody and songwriting from the past. It’s a great sound, I think they’re going to do well.

I’m also into hanging out and singing with my granddaughter Jordan.

Last but not least, I am very excited about teaming up with the Clairemont Times. Over the next few months we’re going to talk a little music, a little songwriting, review some CD’s and bands, seek out some talent, and hopefully have a lot of fun.  So keep it right here at the Neighborhood Beat in the Clairemont Times.

CT: Thanks Gary.  I am looking forward to the Neighborhood Beat feature each month, this is going to be a lot of fun!

Note: Check out the song Gary created for the Clairemont Times, which can be heard here


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