An Update Regarding Moraga Ave Speeding Problems

At a community meeting back in June at Cadman Elementary, concerned residents & neighbors discussed what can be done about speeding on Moraga Avenue.D2 Council Member Ed Harris was in attendance as was a rep from the SDPD and City of SD Traffic Engineering Department.

Depending upon how you look at it there is some good news:

  • SDPD will continue to enforce
  • Funding for V Calm Signs is has been approved.  VCalm signs are the electronic signs that light up displaying  how fast you are travelling
  • Resetting the speed limit from 25 to 30  (This will be on the Clairemont Community Planning Group September 16th agenda)
  • Stop sign installation (This will be on the Clairemont Community Planning Group September 16th agenda)


main_image_moragaavespeedingmetting2-300x225An update came over yesterday 7/31 from Steven Hadley, Council Rep to Ed Harris:

Thank you again for attending the Moraga Avenue Traffic Calming meeting on June 23.  I am writing to report what is being done as a follow-up to that meeting.

  1. Enforcement:  SDPD’s Traffic Division has and will continue to have officers providing enforcement.
  1. V-Calm Signs:  The Traffic Engineering Division of the City’s Transportation Department has funding for V-Calm Signs that show drivers how fast they are driving.  They will be installed as soon as possible.  The Engineers will place them where they best supplement the existing traffic calming measures.

Items 3 and 4  require a vote of the Clairemont Community Planning Group (CCPG) and the City Council.  The CCPG  had a full agenda at its July meeting, and does not meet in August.  These items will be on the CCPG’s agenda on Tuesday, September 16 at 7:00 p.m. at the Cadman Elementary School Auditorium, 4370 Kamloop Avenue.  Once the requested items receive the CCPG’s support, Councilmember Harris will write a memo to the Mayor requesting action.

  1. Resetting the Speed Limit:  The Clairemont Community Planning Group will be asked in September to reset the speed limit to 30 mph on Moraga Av between Moraga Place/KenoshaAv toward the southern end to Clairemont Mesa Boulevard on the northern end. SDPD stated at the June 23 meeting that 30 mph would be a more enforceable speed limit, and 97% of the attendees supported that suggestion.
  1. Stop Sign Installation:
  1. Moraga Av at Tacoma St:  Traffic Engineering believes this is the most logical choice for an additional stop sign on Moraga Av.  It divides the presently undeterred speed on the stretch of Moraga between Kamloop and Ecochee without interrupting the flow of traffic like a new sign would at an intersection closer to Kamloop or Ecochee.
  1. Cadden Wy & Paducah Pl:  Traffic Engineering is supportive of this request.

Additionally, Traffic Engineering and the Council Office seriously considered requesting stop signs on Moraga Av at Moraga Pl/Kenosha Av in response to the community’s 72% support for signage at that intersection.  However. in Traffic Engineering’s professional opinion, stop signs at that intersection will create an unwanted disruption in the flow of traffic along Morage Av, because there are alreadystop signs at nearby Ecochee Av.  If problems with speed persist along this stretch of Moraga Av, and Traffic Engineering and the Council Office  could return to CCPG at a later date to request that stop signs be installed at Moraga Pl/Kenosha Av.Lastly, the suggestion was made to install posts along the north side of Moraga Av, coming up the hill from Cadden Dr toward Moraga Pl/Kenosha Av.  Traffic Engineering advises against this because of liability issues, and utility companies use the shoulder as a place to park while providing maintenance in the area.

Thank you,

Steven Hadley

Council Representative

for Councilmember Ed Harris

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