Mexico vs Venezuela

by G.D. Morrill

On Monday, Mexico played Venezuela to see which country’s team would finish first and second in their group. Mexico needed only a tie to win their group. Venezuela, the giant killers which beat Uruguay to put themselves in this position, were going to see if their new found luck would hold up against the team with the best results since half way through 2015, Mexico.

Apparently, Mexico wasn’t taking Venezuela seriously and started nine different players from their earlier games, and it almost bit them in their rear end.  Not starting Chicharito or Andres Guardado, two of their best players, it appeared to the Mexicans that they would just walk all over Venezuela.

However Jose Manuel Sanchez scored for Venezuela in the tenth minute with a brilliant scissor kick (or Chilena in Spanish).  It was the first time Mexico had been behind in a game since September.  As the game progressed, the teams seemed equal.  Then Juan “Tecatito” Corona, slid his way past three defenders and unleashed a cannon shot and scored for Mexico.

The game ended in a tie, meaning that Mexico would play Argentina (assuming they beat poor, rotten Bolivia) as they will come in second place, and also assuming that Child doesn’t choke against a surprising Panama today.


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