Mayor Faulconer Unveils Get It Done App

Get It Done App

Mayor Unveils ‘Get It Done’ App That Helps People Request Street Repair, Neighborhood Services Faster

New app allows residents to easily report problems to the City with mobil phone photos


San Diego – As part of his effort to make the City of San Diego local government more efficient and accessible for all residents, Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer today introduced an innovative pilot project and mobile app called Get It Done San Diego that allows people to easily report problems and request improvements for their neighborhoods.

Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer said, “Our city government should be just as innovative as people we serve and it has always been our goal to improve customer service. If we have mobile apps that can check email, check the weather and check in our flights, we should have a mobile app that helps residents check on street repairs.”

With Get It Done, which is available for iPhone and Android users, people can report nonemergency problems to the City through the new mobile app and web portal at The Get It Done app also allows San Diego residents to track the progress of a complaint and increase efficiency for both residents and City crews.

To report a problem, people can now take and upload photos related to over 20 nonemergency problems with roads, street lights, traffic signals and more. The Get It Done app uses GPS information embedded within photos to automatically update the address and location of problems. After uploading the photo, the app user simply has to identify a few details about the problem and click submit.

The Get It Done app will help improve three important functions of City government:

  1. Get It Done makes it easier to report problems.

According to a recent city survey, 83 percent of respondents stated that they did not want to call the City government to report a problem. The new Get It Done app eliminates the need to call the City for various problems, by allowing residents to address issues online, which was the preferred method of 50 percent of survey respondents. The app also allows residents to report problems with their name or anonymously.

  1. Get It Done allows residents to better track progress.

The app makes it easier for residents to find out what is happening with a City project in their neighborhood. This system allows residents to check the status of projects in real time and view information on their “favorite” issues throughout the city.

  1. Get It Done increases efficiency for residents and City workers.

The Get It Done app allows users to upload a picture which contains location data using GPS. This allows the City to process information much faster because it links the user to City crews.  Similar to the way most private businesses run, the app uses a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system that directly links reports to a work order system.  The systems connects all reports about the same problem into one group and creates a single report so that every individual is notified about the progress of an issue.

To view an instructional video of the Get It Done San Diego app, click here:

To visit the web portal:


To download the app:

Apple App Store:

Google Play:

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