Improvements on Roads and Neighborhoods

San Diego City Councilmember Scott Sherman, District 7

Proposed Fiscal Year Budget Continues Improvements on Roads, Neighborhoods

By Scott Sherman District 7 San Diego City Councilmember


The recent Fiscal Year 17 (FY17) budget proposed by Mayor Faulconer is a balanced budget that will keep San Diego going on the right track.

The budget increases funding for roads 189% since 2014. That’s over 200 miles of roads that will be completed if this budget is approved by the City Council.

In addition, the budget will fund an additional $6.4 million in new and replaced sidewalks and streetlights.

It will also commit $5.8 million in increased spending for storm channel and drain cleanings. This is great news since District 7 is particularly susceptible to flooding during heavy rainstorms.

The FY17 budget will also increase hours at a number of recreation centers and fund $2.5 million in park improvements.

Traffic improvements in the Mission Valley area are also included. $1.4 million will be invested in traffic signal optimization to ease congestion in the area as well as major improvements on the Friars Road and 163 intersections.

Not only will this budget improve city services, it is also fiscally responsible. The proposed budget will allocate $20.8 million to fund the Pension Payment Stabilization Fund and $7.6 million to fully fund General Fund reserves at 14.75%.  These measures will ensure that the city will have the resources needed during an economic downturn.


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