Fire Safe Council Starting Up in University City South

Fire Safe Councils (FSC) are set up by the county of San Diego. Each council addresses the needs of the community they serve. They foster fire prevention and safety throughout the county, while encouraging community involvement. You can visit the county website at:

The Fire Safe Council of University City South (FSCUCS) border will be; I-5, Rose Canyon, I-805 and Route 52. There was discussion about including North University City which is North of Rose Canyon, but that was rejected for now. However, as the FSCUCS organization grows, it could be included later, or North UC may start an FSC which would be specific to that area of the city.

At the December FSCUCS meeting one attendee gave a comprehensive analysis of evacuation routes and recommended a video titled; “Fire in Paradise”. Another attendee brought a pyramid graphic prioritizing what residents need to know and do. A retired fire official educated us about some of the things we did not know, such as how the time of day of a fire can affect planning. Residents who have emergency and fire expertise will have much to offer any Fire Safety Council.

The unfinished road system in South UC will make it difficult to exit the community in a conflagration. So, it is important to start the process of identifying all the Class A Fire Resistant buildings in South UC so residents can ride out a conflagration within their community. We will eventually need to identify those who need assistance and make arrangements for issues like; positioning gasoline vehicles a safe distance from structures used for areas of refuge during a conflagration.

This South UC group is in its infancy. If you are interested in supporting or joining The Fire Safe Council of University City South contact; Jemma Samala: or Diane Ahern:

If you want to find a Fire Safe Council in your area, or would like to know more about starting one up contact:

Fire Safe Council of San Diego County, 11769 Waterhill Road Lakeside, CA 92040   Email:  Tel: 619-562-0096