Exciting Times for Clairemont Schools

John Lee Evans, Trustee; San Diego Unified School District

By John Lee Evans, Trustee, San Diego Unified

There is a renaissance in the schools across Clairemont and more parents will be choosing their neighborhood schools instead of sending them to other communities.

The new and improved Clairemont High School will allow students to be exposed to and prepare for a career pathway while they are still in high school.  Special funding for this program by the Moxie Foundation is being given to only two schools in the United States.  Students can choose a “major” between the fields of healthcare, business, engineering and information technology.  These are four areas with great future employment prospects.

This very specialized curriculum being offered at Clairemont High School is not offered at other schools in the district.  All students in the Clairemont High resident boundary will be offered enrollment ahead of all non-residents…and the tuition is free!  The elementary and middle schools will start preparing their students for this exciting program.

On the other side of Clairemont Mesa, exciting things are happening at the Madison Community of Schools.  This year sixth grade students will move to middle school instead of elementary school.  This aligns the Madison schools with the rest of the school district.  The community identified the middle school as being the weak link.  Middle schoolers in the Madison cluster will now be able to choose between CPMA (Creative, Performing and Media Arts School) and Innovation Middle (I-Middle) with a STEM emphasis (science, technology, engineering and math).  CPMA has a state-of-the-art facility and Innovation will be completely remodeled.

The Madison Community of Schools is developing a cluster-wide STEAM focus (integrating STEM with the Arts), which will carry through from elementary school to middle to Madison High School.  Marston and Clairemont High programs also have the full breadth of STEAM offerings with their comprehensive middle and high school programs.  Clairemont families can find what their kids need right in their own neighborhood.

In addition to the work by the local schools and San Diego Unified, the Clariremont Mesa Education Foundation is a strong partner.  Strong schools and strong communities go hand in hand.  Once again, Clairemont families can be proud to send their students to high quality neighborhood schools.