Dion Rich crashes the Jockey’s Room at the Del Mar Breeder’s Cup

Dion Rich, "the World's Greatest Gate-Crasher," holds a cell phone picture of himself inside the Jockey's Room at the Breeder's Cup (photo by Bill Swank)

Your readers know that I tried to get in the winner’s circle at the Breeder’s Cup, but I made a big mistake. I could’ve borrowed my buddy’s ID, but I didn’t want to get him in trouble, so I had another plan.

I was talking with a jockey’s wife who was a “ten.” Everything about her was a ten, even her teeth were tens. She stood about 5-9 in high heels, a real beauty. I wanted to get a picture with her and her husband in the winner’s circle, but when the race ended, she just disappeared.

A little later, I was standing outside the jockey’s room and the guy who guards the gate left the stool he sits on for a minute. I just walked in and had my picture taken holding my $1,000 ticket beside the “No Cell Phone Usage in the Jockey’s Room” sign. It would have been better if I was talking on my cell phone, but, rookie mistake, the guy taking the picture was using the camera in my phone.”

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