Copa Quaterfinal Results

by G.D. Morrill

In the Copa America Centenario quarterfinals today, Argentina, arguably one of the best teams in the world, if not the best, with the most world class players, at least 5, played Cinderella, Venezuela.  Venezuela, who had tied Mexico, beat Jamaica, and in their wet dream victory, beat Uruguay, sending them off into ignominy, appeared to be extremely over matched, and they were.  Argentina is a two time winner of the World Cup.  Venezuela, on the other hand has never made it to the WC.  They can never get past the eliminations for the WC

Argentina scored at the eight minute point with Higuain receiving a perfect ball in back from Messi, put a fine touch on a ball in front of the goal to the goalie’s right.  In the twenty second minute, Higuain stole a horrible pass back to the goalie, with absolutely zero pace, and he easily got past the goalie at the top of the penalty area and sent the ball into the goal.

Venezuela also had chances, but hit the post on one kick, and had bad luck on other chances, and finally scored when forward, Rondon, headed a ball past the Argentine goalie. Argentina was twice the team, with twice the talent.  Messi scored on a ball between the Venezuelan goalie’s legs to make it 3-1, and then Lalama scored again, realistically ending the “vino tiinto” chances.

Cinderella lost her gown for the ball, and the coachmen turned into rats around the pumpkin. They had been exposed again as a baseball first country.  However, there is no doubt that this game will encourage the country to greater and greater heights.  A game effort by the Vino Tinto, but in the end they were reduced to fouling constantly, but to no avail.

Argentina next plays the USA on Monday in Houston.  Good luck to the USA; they’ll need it!

In the later game, Mexico played Chile in Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, CA.  Chile ranked 7 in the world, and Mexico ranked 13th, one behind the USA.  In the sixteenth minute, Chilean, Puch scores off of a hard kick to Mexico goalie, Memo Ochoa, and ricochets to Puch, who puts it to the right of the outstretched Ochoa.

Vargas scores in the 37th minute. Vargas scores in the 44th minute for Chile. 3-0, Chile at half time.  Mexico has zero chances.  Alexi Sanchez scores again in the 49th minute for Chile.  Minute 52, Sanchez scores again. 4-0, Chile.  Minute 59, Vargas scores again for Chile.  In Spanish, we say “goleada”, or a goal onslaught.

It’s not really a game.  The winners of last year’s Copa, Chile, are obvious, much, much, much better than ole Mexico.  Mexico has a history of choking in big games, and this would be another one of those games.  Not losing since September, obviously meant nothing.  Same ole Mexico.  It drives their fans crazy.  Maybe the Mexican fans might now realize that their homophobic chants might have a little karma attached.

I must admit that I’m a Mexican/American.  Mom born here to Mexican parents.  I’ve always rooted for Mexico, however, due to their homophobic chants, I have to admit, that I can no longer pull for them.  I’ve overlooked a lot of stuff when it comes to Mexico.  It’s a poor country, but I’ve always loved the culture, but it’s hard for me to look the other way.  I am Latino, but rooting for them has become problematic.

Mexican fans are now throwing things on the field.  Another trait of Mexican fans when things don’t go their way.  It ain’t over yet, folks.  Eduardo Vargas has scored again in minute 73, for his fourth goal!  Mexico has laid down like a dog.  No energy, no commitment, no heart.  Apparently it doesn’t take much for Mexico’s players to lay down.  A complete embarrassment.  I wonder if Mexico can ever get over this loss.  A full stadium, 99% Mexicans, and their players can’t get up for the game.

Apparently, their ranking in the world is completely unwarranted.  My guess is that it will go down after this game.  Not over yet.  Puch scores again for Chile in minute 87, Chile 7, Mexico ZERO!  Before the game, Mexican coach Osorio said, “it will be a close game between two highly ranked national teams”.  Haunting words.

Chile will play Colombia in the semis next Wednesday.  Shocking!  Shocking!  Shocking!  Heads must fly!  How they will perform after this will be more than interesting.


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