Clairemont Mesa Blvd & 163 Construction Project

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According to a fact sheet by Caltrans the goal of the project is to: “increase capacity to accommodate forecasted traffic volumes”, “improve bicycle and pedestrian access” and “eliminate traffic weaving issues at the ramps on 163”.

This project will reconstruct the westbound Clairemont Mesa Boulevard (CMB) on-ramp to the Southbound 163, mirroring the east side configuration which was completed in 2007. CMB will be widened from four to six lanes between the bridge and Kearny Mesa Road. The Southbound 163 loop off-ramp to westbound CMB will be removed and replaced with a four-lane ramp and a signalized intersection.

The interchange improvements will assist the city in its redevelopment plan to make the area a mixed-use business and residential district.

Average traffic volume for this area is about 138,000 vehicles a day. That number is expected to increase to 217,000 vehicles by 2030. Extensive residential and commercial traffic development within the project area has increased traffic demand at this intersection causing traffic delays. Seasonal activities at Fashion Valley Mall and events at Qualcomm Stadium further worsen these conditions. Since vehicles typically move slowly in this area to accommodate the high traffic volumes and weaving issues, queue lengths often extend and create unstable traffic flows.

Estimated cost for the second phase is $11 million and is funded by the city of San Diego. Caltrans provides construction oversight. Construction will begin this spring with completion in summer 2016.

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