A 7-11 as you Enter the “Gateway to Clairemont/Bay Park”

Vacant lot in Clairemont/Bay Park at Clairemont Drive & Denver St

Does This Corner Deserve Something More Than a 7-11 Convenience Store & Car Wash?

The answer by the public in attendance at the latest Clairemont Community Planning Group (CCPG) thought so.

If the recession did not hit, this would probably already be a 7-11 with mixed use office space above.  However, because timing is everything there is potential for something more on this eyesore of a lot at Clairemont Drive & Denver,  the “Gateway to Clairemont/Bay Park”.

The potential renter (7-11) was before the CCPG last month to reapply for the Beer & Wine Conditional Use Permit (CUP) which had already been approved back in2009.  Because of the recession/funding,  the property owners never built the project and the CUP expired.

The potential  new project has changed  to a 7-11 with a car wash, no mention of mixed use 2 story.  Due to the changes and not having enough information, or the proper information,  the CCPG took no action on the potential action item.  Stay tuned this will be coming back before the CCPG.

As always you can find future CCPG agendas at www.ClairemontTimes.com when they are posted.  They along with all the San Diego Planning Community agendas can also be found athttp://www.sandiego.gov/planning/community/cpg/agendas.shtml

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