Zipdev: How this Binational Startup Is Shaping The App Industry

At a Glance

Startup – Zipdev

Founders – Daniel Altenburg, Michael Lenny

Launch – 2015

Location – Little Italy, San Diego

What it does – Provides Web, iOS, & Android software development solutions

Zipdev Co-founders, Daniel Altenburg and Michael Lenny

Mobile application development market which is driven by technological advancements has grown  rapidly in recent times and is sure to flourish further in the near future.  Gartner predicts that market demand for app development will grow at least five times faster than IT’s capacity to deliver it through 2021 and that one out of every three new B2E mobile apps will fail within six months of launch by 2019.

Zipdev, a San Diego- based startup is a fast growing player in the market of software design and app development for businesses in California.

How it all began?

The Zipdev story as told by Co-founder Daniel Altenburg – “It all began in August of 2014 when Mike Lenny, Co-founder, asked if I could help him find a mobile developer to build a mobile app for an international business he was running. A recruiter by trade, I took a stab at the chance to help a friend. We quickly realized that it would be very tough to hire a local software engineer on a budget. As we are both bi-lingual and located in San Diego, we thought, “What does the tech scene look like south of the Border in Tijuana?”

Zipdev at San Diego Startup Week

In November of 2014 we began our research and in June of 2015 we launched Zipdev at San Diego Startup Week. We had a table, a clip board, and business cards. Shortly after we landed our first client who had a need for a designer and developer.

Services provided by Zipdev

  1. Permanent Remote Staffing – Building dedicated, remote software development teams based in Latin America for US-based clients. Zipdev team members work under the client’s guidance on an ongoing, full-time basis while taking care of payroll, benefits, and other HR overhead.
  2. Project-based – Zipdev can design/develop projects for clients with our internal team on a time and materials basis. The team builds projects from the ground up or takes over projects depending on the client needs.

So what sets the company apart?

Increasing efficiency at reduced cost is the key. Daniel says, we deliver quality software at a lower price while at the same time providing above-average salaries to our team members. With a super talented team of 25 full time developers and designers that work remotely from Baja California and other tech hubs in Latin America, all within the same time zone, Zipdev makes sure that clients experience ultimate success. This binational startup currently handles 16 clients out of which 9 use the company’s  staffing service and 7 use the project service – designing or developing apps, webpages, platforms.

The company crafts apps for various platforms such as Swift for iOS, Java for Android, JavaScript, .NET, Ionic, Nodejs, C++, C#, Python, PHP, WordPress, HTML, and CSS among others.

Field of specialization – UI/UX Design, Web Development, iOS & Android Development, QA Testing, VR/AR and Data Science/AI

Future Outlook

The need for software development is increasing extremely rapidly so we believe we’re well positioned to grow continuing to offer software development services on a project basis, as well as a remote staffing basis. Our main growth drivers for the medium term are building high performing, remote software development teams for our clients, as well as developing our own web and mobile platform to increase reach.

Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

Co-founders Daniel Altenburg and Mike Lenny believe that Nike had it right from the beginning with their slogan “Just do it”. Almost everyone has had a business idea before, but what separates entrepreneurs from others is simply the fact that the entrepreneur went ahead and acted on their dream. It’s scary, it takes hard work and sacrifice, but it’s also one of the most rewarding things one can do. Others will doubt you, you will doubt yourself, there will be highs and lows. Develop a strategy, execute it, test it, modify it, put your customers and team members first, and you’ll set yourself up for success.

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