Wild and Wise Women – Making Dreams Come True

Imagine if you had a magic wand that you could wave and flick so all your dreams would become your reality. We all have dreams and things that we desire in this life. In a way, having a dream or a goal is what keeps us motivated and what keeps us passionate about moving forward in life.

If we really want to achieve something, when we need to make the necessary sacrifices, in order to get there.

Check out some leading ladies who stand head and shoulders above the rest – entrepreneurs, designers, actors et al

Penny Bauder

A winner of the Startup Nation Leading Moms in Business Competition, Entrepreneur’s “Build Like a Woman” Inspiring Women in Business Award, and a recipient of the Female Founder Fellowship at the Founder’s Institute, Penny Bauder is the Founder of Green Kid Crafts. As an environmental scientist, Penny saw a need for a convenient solution that would allow families to spend quality time together enjoying fun activities that brought them closer to nature and to each other. She started putting together kids craft kits for herself and her friends, and soon enough word spread and she found herself immersed in the concept full time and Green Kid Crafts was born. The company has shipped over 1 million educational packages that inspire kids to exercise creativity, develop a love of discovery, and learn about the world around them.

Mission – To foster the next generation of creative leaders by engaging kids with the planet in positive, hands-on, creative ways has exposed hundreds of thousands of kids to think about and take a leadership role in sustainability.

Anushka Arora

An actress, radio jockey, video jockey, anchor and a journalist – the woman who owns it all!

A recipient of the Best Radio Presenter of the year 2018, British radio presenter turned actor Anushka Arora had to put in a lot of planning and effort to make a name for herself in the entertainment world. Anushka says “plans have no relevance, vision does. Have one for yourself and you’ll see how growth attracts you”.

Anushka also took on a TV Presenting Masterclass course at the London Academy of Media, Film and TV where she was awarded a Diploma in TV Presenting. Her previous TV experience includes working at the BBC News 24 in the production gallery, being a runner for Bid Up TV and being a weekly Bollywood movie review presenter for Zing. She was awarded the “Pride of India Award” for being an NRI Most Prestigious Journalist from the NRI Institute at the House of Lords, London.

So, did she always want to be in the entertainment world?
When I was sure of the career I wanted to pursue, the genre which came naturally to me was entertainment.  It is definitely something that interests me the most – being a socialite myself. But that too, took a lot of research and experience to make sure, this was it!

Shannon Irving

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have it all planned for you when you are set to welcome one of the most exciting journeys of your life! Customized meal plans based on your week of pregnancy. Shannon Irving created Pregnancy Plate, which provides weekly meal plans to make it easier to cook nutritious meals during pregnancy. It is unique because it is customized for pregnancy in a couple ways. Each week focuses on a key nutrient that is important based on the baby’s development, like protein for a growth spurt, DHA in the 3rd trimester when it is most important, or Vitamin A when the eyes are developing.

Kaitlyn Rackens

Creating a brand and providing a product that helps women get to that point was the inspiration behind Collagen For Her. As a woman the idea of taking a “supplement” was a little bit terrifying to begin with because there is this stigma that supplements are unhealthy and can cause weight gain or bulkiness. Kaitlyn created Collagen For Her, a one-ingredient protein supplement that is non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, soy free, and contains no all artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

She is looking to connect with women and change the stigma of supplements to something that actually benefits the women’s body and in turn, make them healthier and more confident.

Survi Nathany

Inspired to spread the culture of India and Nepal, Survi Nathany a fashion enthusiast created her own signature label Pashn by Survi in 2015. An alumni of one of the most prestigious design institutes of India, Survi is known for creating handcrafted jewelry using the finest quality gems and semi-precious stones.  Pashn by Survi collection is inspired by the Indian and Nepalese culture. Survi loves to work with color, form and texture on paper, digital media, and textiles. She says, “Design is a language, just like music. My work reflects my associations, experiences and my journey exploring color, print and art.”

Survi was among the top designers at the San Diego Fashion Week 2016 and has now come a long way making a name for herself with her stunning collection and designs.

Amy Airom

In September 2014, Aimy created her own website, blog and social media following to share money-saving tips and advice. Over the course of those 2.5 years, she became very intrigued by the concept of social media marketing and how it could help small businesses. That is when she came up with her own marketing company ‘Capitalize Social Media’  which helps manage customer engagement for most popular social networks.

Amy specializes in working with local small businesses and nonprofits based in San Diego. She also offers monthly face-to-face meetings and the opportunity to be an active part of the process. When working with her, you are assured to get your content the most organic visibility possible (minimal to no ads used) to increase brand awareness, bring value to your followers (creating that “Know, Like & Trust” factor) with the overall goal of bringing in more customers to your business.

If you want to successfully turn your vision into reality, then the one thing you are going to need the most, is time. Some dreams take longer to manifest than others. Don’t give up! Keep moving along and adapting to any changes along the way. As long as your dream is still inspiring and relevant to where you are in your life, keep going.