Water Conservation and Food Production

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Buying that? No thanks, it takes too much water to make it! Additional water saving ideas                         

Daily actions use more water than we know. Little plastic bottles need 24 bottles of water to make each one and are then discarded, many still full of water. Reusable bottles are much less wasteful.

You help conserve water by your product choices, including the foods you consume.

Gallons of Water used to produce one pound of *

Figs 379

Plums 193

Cherries 185

Avocados 154

Corn 109

Banana 103

Apples 84

Grapes 78

Oranges 55

Beans 43

Strawberries 33

Potatoes 31                      

*Virtual global averages are given varying by region and method. (“Hidden Water”, National Geographic), http://mcrcd.org/wp-content/uploads/Nationall_Geographic_Hidden_Water.pdf


“Less thirsty crops [include] cabbage, strawberries, onions, lettuce, carrots, eggplant, grapefruit and tomatoes.” The LA Times advises that consuming less animal products saves quite a bit of water.

In the meat category, beef is the heftiest water user at 1,857 gallons per pound, while goat meat only needs 127 gallons.

(From steak to mangoes, here are some water-hogging foods, L.A. Times, http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-water-hungry-foods-20150406-story.html)

Paper takes 1500 gallons for a 500 sheet pack and jeans use 2,636 gallons, not including water used to wash them. Recycling these items saves all that water.


Only direct home water use impacts your water bill, but being aware of hidden water usage to make more water wise choices can be positive for everyone.   Whether you are buying products grown in California, or elsewhere, it is worthwhile to make sure the ones you buy use water efficiently. Saving water is just another way to maintain a healthy world and lower our impact on this planet.

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