Vacation Rentals are Bad for Clairemont

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As it appeared in the February 2015 Edition of the Clairemont Times (minus mock up ad)

Did you know that there are over 1700 short term vacation rentals in the City of San Diego with about 50 of them right here in Clairemont? Your neighbor could decide tomorrow to make his or her house into what is effectively a hotel with people coming and going every week. Our community of Clairemont is built around neighborhoods and knowing your neighbors; short term vacation rentals don’t fit into the fabric of our community.

Short term vacation rentals can:

* Cause noise problems

* Increase parking problems

* Increase trash problems with overflowing trash cans weekly

* Decrease property values


Short term vacation rentals don’t:

* Have a vested interest in the community

* Send their kids to local schools (resulting in school closures)

* Make good neighbors

While this issue has mostly been concentrated in the coastal communities of San Diego, they are starting to pop up in Clairemont. With the City hosting the MLB All Star Game, Comic Con and potentially a SuperBowl if a stadium gets built, there is nothing stopping your neighbor from cashing in on this and making your life miserable.

If you don’t think that short term vacation rentals belong in our community, contact the City Council to encourage them to look into this and change the zoning regulations.

More information about how to stand up against this and to sign a petition can be found on my website,


Scott Gruby

Bay Ho Resident

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