Tree Removal Along Morena Blvd

pr Starting Aug. 1, crews will remove trees located within the Mid-Coast Trolley project area along Morena Boulevard, between Tonopah Avenue and Asher Street. 

Trees will be removed under existing temporary traffic controls along Morena Blvd. The work will last approximately one week. Work hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

While down taking pictures I did notice a great deal of trash being removed along side the tracks (two mattresses & a couch).  I also spoke with one of the flagmen and inquired about the atrocious stench, he pointed to two portable coolers with human feces inside.

Upon completion of construction, trees and other types of vegetation will be replanted along Morena Boulevard.

Once complete, the Mid-Coast Trolley project will extend Blue Line service from Old Town to the University City community, serving the VA Medical Center, UC San Diego, and the busy commercial and residential districts along Genesee Avenue. Major construction work began in 2016, with service anticipated to begin in 2021.

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