The Search

I am going to start the Neighborhood Beat this month with what I think is a great opportunity for anyone trying to get in the music business. This is a search for great talent, whether you are a solo performer or a band. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you play, you WILL get a chance to show off your talent exactly the way you want.

This is a worldwide search but I really hope all the young bands and performers in the local neighborhoods turn out for this event.

Pacific Records in conjunction with Gary Hyde Music and The Clairemont Times neighborhood newspaper present   “The Search”

We are looking for some great new recording artists to participate in “The Search” CD project. It will be released and promoted worldwide by Pacific Records. All artist’s selected for “The Search” CD will receive a standard recording royalty.

Here’s what you do:

Go to Pacific, click on the A&R tab. There you will be able to listen to song demo’s of the tunes available for you to record (new songs will be added weekly). When  all of the songs have been put on the site, you will have between 50-100 songs to choose from. Remember these are song demo’s. This Search is all about you or your band transforming great songs into magnificent recordings worthy of national release. Great songs can be put into almost any genre of music, so don’t let categories stop you from showing off your artistry.

Once you have finished recording your song, you then submit it to Pacific Records. How to do that will be on the site (submitting process will begin in October).

Hopefully you will be one of 10-12 artist’s chosen for the CD project.

Some other great opportunities and events will be associated with “The Search” so keep checking and and their Facebook pages and blogs for more details.

Good luck.


“The Search” by Gary Hyde

“The Search – for something new – starts here – it might be you”


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