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Pacific Records, San Diego, CA

I have been getting some questions lately about what I do at Pacific Records. Besides being a producer and songwriter for artists on the label I am the head of A/R. A/R is a term from the old days in the music business that stands for Artist and Repertoire. What I do is look for talented artists and bands, listen to their material, talk to them about what they’re trying to do with their careers and then possibly signing them to the label.

After an artist or band is signed to Pacific Records then I act as a liaison between them and the record label. When it’s time to record I help with, writing or finding material, musicians, and other things in the recording process. One thing I have been doing for many years and I do a lot of at Pacific Records is produce artists’ vocals. This is a specialty of mine that I have quite a bit of experience doing and I have gotten pretty good at. Most artists tell me I have produced the best vocals on them, they have ever laid down.

Another question from people is where can I get real help getting into the music business? Well, it just so happens I know where you can get help. Go to and click on the “recording studio” tab. There you will find all the services you could need relating to music.

I, along with award winning producer/songwriter Pat Pickslay and engineer extraordinaire Drake Williams have helped many people at all levels of their careers, in reaching their musical goals. Some of the things (but not all) we do are, recording, songwriting, publishing, studio musicians, and mentoring people in all phases of the music business. If you are interested email me or call us at 858-324-1820.

One more question I’ve been getting is, what’s the most important thing in trying to get somewhere in the industry? You need to be honest with yourself. You have to realize what you do well and what you don’t. Very few people can do it all.  Find great tunes anywhere, they’re out there. If you need a producer, find one. If you need studio musicians, get them. Most importantly, know when you need to get help with your music.

Last but not least this month, I would like to congratulate my beautiful granddaughter

Jordan on her spectacular performances, in her school talent show. She sang, danced and performed comedy. Great job Jordan I am very proud of you.

So come on, let’s talk music, write to me at I want to hear from you. Talk to you next month.

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