Support San Diego County Farms

Support San Diego County Farms

More than 3 million people live in San Diego County, and more than 5,000 farmers call it home and make their living on 250,000 acres. The nation’s complicated and essential food system continues to adjust to the sharp, sudden shift in demand spurred by stay-at- home orders and food-service shutdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic. For farmers and others in the food supply chain, the immediate and long-term future remains uncertain as peak harvest season nears for many commodities.

Supporting our local farmers and ranchers in San Diego County continues to be critical, especially now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The San Diego County Farm Bureau has compiled a list of San Diego farmers and ranchers that are selling their products directly to consumers. To view the directory, please visit:

This is a great way to purchase your grocery items, while supporting our local agricultural industry. San Diego citizens need access to healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables. Our local farming community stands ready to assist in meeting this need.

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