Street Sweeper Involved in a Hit & Run on Morena Blvd



Officer Tony Martinez
4600 Block Morena Blvd

Felony Hit and Run

A small mobile street sweeper vehicle was driving southbound in the 4600 Block of Morena Blvd through a construction zone. The vehicle ran over a hose. The vehicle dragged the hose which pulled two construction workers into a trench. The driver of the vehicle stopped briefly, and then drove away. One of the construction workers followed the vehicle, until he lost sight of it, going eastbound on the I-94 freeway.

The vehicle was occupied by a HMA driver and a HFA passenger. One of the construction workers, a 52 year old male, sustained fractured ribs and the other worker, a 38 year old male sustained a broken hand. They were both transported to the hospital for treatment.

Traffic Division Officers responded to the scene and will be handling the investigation. The driver is not in custody.

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