SDPD Officer Administers Narcan Saves a Life

On August 21, 2018, at approximately 10:15 AM, San Diego Police Officers responded to a radio call of a subject overdosing in the canyon near the 2300 block of Palm Avenue.  The subject later identified as a male, was reportedly unconscious, with sporadic respirations, and turning purple.  The caller stated the subject was overdosing on heroin.

Officers searched the canyon adjacent to the 2300 block of Palm Avenue and located the person just as the caller had stated.  They evaluated his condition and immediately started CPR chest compressions.  Further evaluation by the officers determined the subject displayed the symptoms of opioid overdose.  Officers continued lifesaving efforts then gave the subject a 4 mg dosage of Narcan Hydrochloride, via nasal spray, to treat the overdose.

The Narcan treatment proved effective at saving the person’s life.  Approximately one minute after receiving Narcan, the person regained consciousness and sat up.  The officers’ actions to locate, begin CRP, and administer Narcan, allowed the person to be transported to the hospital for further medical treatment.

This is the fourth successful usage of Narcan since it was distributed to Patrol Divisions in July of 2018.  The San Diego Police Department is not identifying those treated with Narcan to afford them patient privacy rights pursuant to HIPAA.  We hope that any who received this lifesaving intervention by members of the Department will seek and obtain the treatment they so desperately need.