San Diego Charger Donald Butler Visits John Muir School in Clairemont

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San Diego Charger Donald Butler Visits Clairemont

Students at the John Muir Magnet School in Clairemont have the San Diego Chargers to thank for their new fitness equipment facility on campus.  The school applied for and was awarded the Chargers Champions Grant.  Donald  Butler, linebacker for the Chargers was on hand recently for the ribbon cutting.

Butler, showed off his dance moves by joining the students when the “San Diego Super Charger Song” came on.  He also tried his hand at archery doing pretty well, hitting the target with each shot.

The linebacker took Q & A from students.  Some of his advice to the kids “get plenty of exercise, utilize this fitness center be healthy and active”  Also, “don’t be a bully or put up with bully’s.”

When asked about superstitions before games, “None really, although I do enjoy a nice Epsom Salt bath on Saturdays before game day.”

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