Roundabouts Proposed for Moraga Ave.

The announcement came at the June Clairemont Community Planning Group (CCPG) meeting that two roundabouts similar to the ones in La Jolla/Bird Rock on La Jolla Blvd are being planned for Moraga Ave. and could be completed within a year.

For months, residents living on Moraga Ave in North Clairemont, or living very close by, have voiced their concerns at the CCPG meetings about the speeding along the avenue.

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During the November 2014 CCPG meeting Gary Pence, a City of San Diego Traffic Engineer, spoke and took questions and comments from the Board as well as from the public about the speeding.    At the time it seemed VCalm  Signs (digital signs which tell the speed of an approaching vehicle) would be a good first step to traffic calming.

One of 5 roundabouts in the Bird Rock section of La Jolla. Clairemont Times File Photo
One of 5 roundabouts in the Bird Rock section of La Jolla. Clairemont Times File Photo


Ideas such as more stop signs, speed bumps even roundabouts were mentioned and most important more police presence.  All of the ideas were met with mixed emotions.  According to Pence speed bumps would not work per San Diego Fire Department response guidelines, plus wear and tear on the trucks and engines.  Roundabouts it was explained were too expensive.  The increased police presence posed a tricky scenario as the speed limit would have to be increased from 25 mph to 30 mph in order for SDPD to enforce speed traps or radar, additionally there were police staffing concerns.

At the time it did not appear a consensus was reached regarding traffic calming, until the June CCPG meeting.  It was announced VCalm signs have been funded and will be installed; in addition two roundabouts are also planned.  One at the intersection of Moraga & Idlewild Way and the other at Moraga & Fox Place (see map).


When you combine the three current stop signs already in place, the funded VCalm signs, and now the two proposed roundabouts will this end the excessive speeding on Moraga?

If you have an opinion, a thought “for” or “against” the roundabouts attend the July CCPG meeting on July 21st at Cadman Elementary 4370 Kamloop Ave San Diego, CA  92117

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