Registration for Spring Semester and Intersession Courses at the San Diego Community College District Begins Soon

Students  from the special effects makeup program at San Diego City College. (photo courtesy of San Diego Community College District)

Students interested in attending San Diego City, Mesa, and Miramar colleges, and San Diego Continuing Education can start registering for spring semester and intersession classes as early as November 12.  Registration for eligible students, such as members of the military or those involved with Disabled Student Programs and Services, takes place November 12 and 13. Students who have already made arrangements to register by appointment will start signing up for classes two days later. Open registration begins December 9.

The 16-week spring semester at City, Mesa, and Miramar colleges begins Feburary 3 and continues through June 1. Students can register by visiting

The spring semester at Continuing Education begins January 27. Students can visit for more information.

A condensed, four-week intersession runs from January 2 – 29.

At $46 per unit, enrollment fees are among the lowest in the country for a higher education system in the nation. Most students attending City, Mesa or Miramar College, however, do not have to pay for tuition, thanks to the San Diego Promise, the California College Promise Grant, and other financial aid opportunities. Continuing Education classes are free. As many as 15 percent of SDCCD courses will be fully online, opening the doors of education to more working adults or those raising a family.

Enrolling at the San Diego Community College District is a sound investment, as a student with an associate degree from City, Mesa, or Miramar colleges will see an increase in earnings of $10,000 each year compared to a person with just a high school diploma or equivalent in California.