Random Acts of Greenness: YES on SOS (Safeguard Our San Diego Countryside)

Urban sprawl is wrong.  When it spills over into natural, more fire prone areas, especially in the false guise of affordable housing, the problems get worse.  For months we have seen ads saying that SOS is unfair because it takes away local control.  The results of uncontrolled growth cause problems for everyone in the Greater San Diego Community including overpriced housing, fire danger, increased traffic, back room political deals, and threats to protected and endangered species.

The SOS initiative would allow San Diegans to decide about housing in unincorporated areas requiring voter approval of any construction that does not meet the County’s general plan and greatly increases the density in areas that are fire prone and semi-rural.

SOS promotes affordable Housing and has no effect on  the 60,000 affordable housing units that our county planners already approved. They’d be built without need for a vote because truly affordable housing is exempt. Also, SOS will not hurt young families as the no on SOS campaign claims.

“SOS would bring transparency and oversight into the process by requiring developers to justify their amendments to the voters. SOS would halt Backroom Political Deals that would allow the Board of Supervisors to modify the general plan with only three votes allowing sprawling housing developments in areas that don’t safely support this. No on SOS would continue to allow unplanned urban sprawl in rural areas outside the general plan.

SOS is fair because it allows all San Diegans to vote on projects that affect all of San Diego, not just the people who live in the rural communities. A yes vote gives voters a chance to vote on questionable over-development that would adversely affect the whole county. Unsafe developments affect all of us  in San Diego with increased fire danger, traffic, smog and endangering the biodiversity of San Diego.

Here is my corresponding piece NO on B

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