Rain ….. Beautiful Rain

Rain Barrel Rebates & Fundraising

By Chris O’Connell

The rains last month were a beautiful thing I only hope we continue to get more throughout the winter months.  Having recently planted  a blood orange tree, a lime tree, some honeysuckle, Arabian lilacs and more  I am loving natures water.  This winter we are also in the planning stages for some new and improved raised vegetable garden beds.

Although I am kicking myself because I never followed through on what seems an endless number of items on the “honey do” list…. Rain Barrels.  High on the 2017 to do list is to really research and make the necessary changes to install one if not two barrels under the downspouts.

If you are in the market for rain barrels, a couple website resources I have found useful are:


*Rain Barrel 50+ gallons $75 Mail in Rebate


*Receive up to $1 per gallon of barrel storage capacity for residential rainwater harvesting (rain barrel) rebate program, up to 400 gallons and $400 per property.

*Restrictions apply read thoroughly

Or if you are not really into going through the rebate process there is a store in Lemon Grove called San Diego Drums & Totes (www.sddrums.com) they have a very cool variety of new and used barrels and the parts necessary to make your own diy rain barrel.

Rain Barrels for Fundraising

A while back, I came across a company in Canada, they deal in rain barrels and rain barrel fundraising.

Garden groups, churches, sports teams, pet rescues, youth groups and more are always trying to raise funds, why not have a rain barrel fundraiser?  It is unique and could be the gift that keeps on giving.

According to the website, there is the opportunity, for example to raise $3,000 for your efforts.  Selling 300 barrels at a fair predetermined price and adding for example $10 on to each sale.  This is only one example more or less could be made.  The key is how much the initial cost is per barrel and how much you want to add on for your fundraising.

I spoke with Larry one of the owners of the company and he mentioned from an initial phone call or email inquiry the time frame would be roughly 5-6 weeks.  So for the sake of argument a group decides this will be their big fundraising event of the year or season.  With planning, networking and proper marketing you set the day of the event.  If for example a group wanted 300 rain barrels that would be the equivalent of a tractor trailer full.  Volunteers unload the truck, presales or arrangements would already be made, including potential day of sale buyers show up on the day of the event load their car and away they go.

There is no guarantee local rain barrel rebates will be around and yet here is an interesting fundraising concept.

For more information, visit their website at: www.RainBarrelFundraising.com or call the USA telephone number  (844) 422-7735

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