How this brand is redefining the Future of Living


At A Glance

Startup – Qwerky

Founder – David Lowe

Launch – 2018

What it does – Provides a coliving and coworking space for like-minded people

Building a startup requires lot of dedication and hard work as creating a new venture from scratch can be challenging, yet fulfilling. It gives an entrepreneur the chance to explore unmapped territories and build something unique.

The growing use of the internet has changed the way people communicate, live and work. Facilitated by advances in technology and options available to build a variety of online businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs are blending work and life, choosing to explore the world, while continuing to work.

Coliving the New Coworking

Catering to aspiring entrepreneurs a small but growing trend has emerged of coliving and coworking spaces. Living in the same space with other people can encourage you to connect and share with other like-minded individuals.

Finding an office space and setting up the necessary infrastructure for it to operate can be challenging for startups. Landlords are usually interested in long-term leases – not ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs and digital nomads. These young entrepreneurs are looking to cut down on their housing expenses while be surrounded by an aspiring community of like-minded individuals.

David Lowe, a British-American entrepreneur is not new to the startup circle. In the year 2012, he set up his first company Uberpong which was a ping pong business in Austin, Texas. After leading Uberpong to a successful exit, David used the capital for setting up his second venture Qwerky. He ran a pilot house in San Diego and has spent a significant amount of time researching the coliving industry.

Qwerky quite like its name is a unique coliving and coworking space where you get to live, work and collaborate with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, digital nomads seeking to build businesses and grow their network. The company plans to set up its first base in Tijuana and then eventually move to San Diego. David believes his company will open corridors for new talent from across the border and help in improving cross-border relations between the US and Mexico. His mantra is “Build Bridges Not Walls”.

David Lowe – Founder of Qwerky

Being a Qwerky resident will require you to sign up for a “membership” instead of a lease which will give you flexible living and an instant network.

Future Outlook

While setting base in Tijuana and San Diego the company is actively looking for seed funding.

Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

Never Give Up On Things That Make You Happy

How to connect

Website – http://qwerky.co/

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/qwerkycoliving/

Twitter- https://twitter.com/qwerkycoliving

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/qwerkycoliving/

Email: hi@qwerkycoliving.com


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