Presidential Primary Election One Year Away

by Daniel Smiechowski

It’s never too early to shed light on the more interesting facets of politics. One year from now, California voters will cast ballots for President all the way down to County Central Committee members. Most voters never heard of these Central Committees’ so essentially it remains a popularity contest in which candidate can get the most friends to the polls.

The people running for these seats regardless of political party can best be described as die hard activists. There are usually a large number of contestants among which the top six vote getters are selected from each State Assembly District. Sometimes upwards of twenty candidates are listed on the ballot. Ironically and perhaps tragically, the contestant most typical of their own political party does not often get elected. Central Committees’ are frequently referred to as the home of political extremism. That is precisely why voters ought to take notice and vote accordingly.

Prior to the Presidential Primary of 2012 candidates were elected for two year terms. In 2012 the term was extended to four years. What exactly do these folks do and why should you vote for them? Well, for starters, they control the endorsement process of upper tier candidates, which certainly helps in getting elected. Secondly, most all Committees are divided into various factions such as labor, business, civil rights, the environment, LGBT, women’s rights and so forth to push their respective agendas. Thirdly, they take positions on City, County and State Propositions and many members work diligently toward that end. Most elected members have a short life span unless they tow the Party line, hook, line and sinker. I served a two year term on the Democratic Central Committee and always felt like an outcast. Surprisingly, the Party of the big tent is rife with reverse discrimination.

San Diego County Committees’ are unlike those of the South, Mid-West and East Coast.  Ever wonder how Democrats get elected in some traditionally conservative areas? It’s called a forked tongue syndrome. There is enough hypocrisy in some of these groups to fill the Library of Congress. Organized labor will hold their nose or put on blinders in electing some congressional candidates than take credit for the victory. It is counter intuitive to view the political world as following the path of conscience.

There exists a certain elitism within these Committees’ as outsiders are mostly ignored without due consideration. This is tragic. This must end and we the people must be held equally worthy regardless of our perceived importance. I urge all voters to cast a ballot next June and check out your Central Committee member candidates. Be nice, do good deeds and don’t be a stranger as we at the Clairemont Times value your participation.

Daniel J Smiechowski has been a resident of Clairemont since 1967 and can be reached at or 858 220 4613

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