Port of San Diego Harbor Police Warns Public Not to Fall Victim to “Spoof” Calls

The Port of San Diego Harbor Police Department has received numerous reports that someone calling from 619.686.6272, the Harbor Police non-emergency line, had demanded they send money via a money order to pay fines and prevent an arrest warrant from being issued. The caller told the potential victims to Google the phone number to verify the call was from a police agency.

These phone calls were not made by Harbor Police or any of its personnel and is part of a phone scam where the Harbor Police phone number was “spoofed.” The process of “spoofing” shows a false number on the receiving person’s caller ID. Harbor Police staff informed all those who called in that the call was not legitimate, and to disregard it.

Neither Harbor Police nor any other police agency will request funds by email or telephone. Police agencies also will never request a money order or any other type of payment over the phone to prevent a warrant from being issued as such matters are handled as fines in court proceedings or official mail correspondence.

Harbor Police is investigating the incident and has notified the FBI. No suspects have been identified at this time and it is unknown at this time if anyone has been victimized by this scam.

Anyone who has been victimized in these types of phone or email scams can report the crime to the FBI at ic3.gov.


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