Police Blotter

Vehicle Break In

6000 Mt. Aguilar Dr.

4000 Mt. Acadia Blvd.

4900 Lillian St.

2200 Balboa Ave.

4400 Bond St.

5400 Balboa Ave.

2400 Ulric St.

3200 East Fox Run Way

4000 Mt. Acadia Blvd.

4900 Mt. Bigelow Dr.

3800 Canning Ave.

1400 Tecolote Rd.

3700 Balboa Ave.

5900 Linda Vista Rd.

4600 De Soto St.

3500 Del Rey St.

6700 Tait St.


4200 Moraga Ave.

4200 Clairemont Dr.

6600 Tait St.

7000 Tait St.

1100 Morena Blvd.

Vehicle Theft

3000 Genesee Ave.

1000 Morena Blvd.

4900 Mt. Casas Dr.

4000 Taylor St. 


3100 Clairemont Dr.

4700 Mt. Casas Dr.

5600 Balboa Ave.

2400 Ulric St.

Residential Burglary

4900 Mt. Etna Dr.

2700 Ulric St.

Commercial Burglary

6900 Linda Vista Rd.

5600 Balboa Ave.


3800 Clairemont Dr.

4000 Raffee Dr.


“If you do not report it or call us, in our mind it did not happen” San Diego Police Officer

Call 911 to report an emergency Non-Emergency 24 hours (619)-531-2000 www.sandiego.gov/police

Compiled from info at www.CrimeMapping.com

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