Pedestrian Collision with Two San Diego Police Cars

pr On Saturday, June 8 at approximately 11 p.m., two San Diego police vehicles
driving westbound on 100 W. Washington St. were involved in a traffic collision resulting
in a pedestrian fatality. Each marked police vehicle was operated by an SDPD officer
responding to a burglary call.

The burglary call did not warrant the use of emergency lights and sirens, therefore
neither officer had the equipment activated. As the two police cars drove west, both were
in the left lane. A woman entered the road and was struck by the first police car. The
second police car swerved to the right to avoid the collision and struck the female who
had been pushed into the right lane.

A witness described the pedestrian’s actions as sprinting out onto the street. Our
investigation determined the pedestrian tried to cross the street mid-block in an
unmarked area. At this point in the investigation, the speed of the police cars does not
appear to be a factor.

Both police officers immediately stopped, rendered first aid and called for paramedics.
Paramedics arrived and transported the woman to UC San Diego Medical Center –
Hillcrest where she later died. The San Diego Police Department Traffic Investigation
Unit (TIU) was notified and detectives responded to the scene. Along with detectives,
Collision Investigation officers collected evidence, interviewed witnesses and gathered all
available information from the scene. TIU detectives will be completing a thorough
investigation to determine any other factors that lead to the tragic death of the

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