Open Letter to San Diego Teachers Union

Submitted to Via Email.

“How could you be so fanatically political, so thoughtlessly short-sighted toward the future education of our children? … or, with overcrowded, language-limited, high adult literacy levels and the  failing state economy, dare to threaten our receipt of federal school funding?……. let alone looking pompous and self-righteous, currying the favor of a few hostile anti-democracy radicals who probably ranted and raved at your office?  Democracy is about making compromises that benefit the good of MOST people, not providing EVERYTHING THAT EVERYONE wants.  And those compromises are accomplished by communicating and LISTENING TO BOTH/ALL SIDES of our conflicting issues.   APOLOGIZE! And re-invite the new Secretary of Education to San Diego.  Listen at least to what she says before jumping to conclusions.   You’ll  have much firmer ground to stand on when lobbying for much-needed assistance.”

From a retired San Diego teacher.

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