Mt Ada Cell Phone Tower

Mt Ada Cell Phone Tower

Notes from the Clairemont Community Planning Group last evening (8/20).

The Capital Improvements Project (CIP)/Priorities list may be revisited before October, if so there will be a special meeting to discuss what the priorities are for the neighborhoods.  This will be an open to the public meeting separate from the regular planning group meeting.  Public comment is of course wanted.  As we receive information we will post.

The Mt Ada cell phone tower the 140’+ behemoth behind Burger King on Balboa is back in the news.  After the CCPG rejected the plans brought before them last year the applicant may end up coming before the CCPG again with new designs, concepts, alternatives etc.  The hope would be for some better plans to reflect the visual integrity of the neighborhood.

While such a large structure  it is noticeable to some,  it may just be the price of convenience for better cell service.  Here’s hoping a better plan will come before the CCPG in the future.  Again as information comes in we will notify.


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