Morena Blvd Housing Project Moves One Step Closer to Approval

Fairfield Residential rendering (subject to change) of their project on Morena Blvd & West Morena Blvd. (Morena Blvd & Frankfort St) Image courtesy of Fairfield Residential

As you read earlier about the crime lab property, it appears that the project is moving  forward fast.  A project that has been moving not so fast, the old RV/trailer park at Morena Blvd & West Morena Blvd.

Last month the developers Fairfield Residential presented to the Planning Commission asking for their approval of the project 150 units 1 & 2 bedrooms at market rate rent with no affordable housing units and adhering to the 30’ height limit.

The project was approved by the Commission and will now be moving to City Council for final approval possibly in December.  Fairfield has been going back and forth caught in the middle for close to 4 years trying to appease the community, trying to work the market conditions and also dealing with City politics and planning and regularly attending and presenting to the Clairemont Community Planning Group.

This project is the first new development along Morena and in a sense being built as a direct result of the Mid Coast Trolley.  The City, The Planning Commission, Developers all want to build along this transit corridor.  Residents are cautiously optimistic.

A sticking point is the community wants future development to adhere to a 30’ height limit.  Fairfield did and some residents are happy with the project.  Not happy at all with the project is the Planning Commission.  If you want to have a feel for what the Planning Commission wants I would urge to listen, you don’t have to watch, the hearing from October 4th.  Here is a shortened link which will bring you to the hearing  The video will be on the LEFT side of your screen, turn up the volume and fast forward to the 14 minute mark it will last about 90 minutes.  It is well worth listening to because future development projects go to the Planning Commission prior to City Council for votes.  With that being said future developments usually will come to the local planning groups (CCPG LVPG) prior.

The Planning Commission approved the Morena/W. Morena project, however they made their feelings known this is not the kind of future development they want to see coming before them or along the Morena transit corridor.  30’ is too low, the minimum number of units to be developed is not enough.  Build high and build many units.

Comments coming from the Planning Commissioners such as “this project is precedent setting in a bad way” “the community needs to figure out what their character is” “don’t leave density on the table” did not sit well with some residents.

This promises to be quite interesting as future developers come before the CCPG & the Linda Vista Planning Group when presenting projects along the Morena Corridor.

In this area, the City wants density, they want some affordable housing and developers want to get the most bang for their buck.  The residents want, well, some want no development leave it alone, but the residents really want to be informed throughout the process.  This Fairfield project, the residents, those interested, were definitely in the loop over the years.

All I can say is stay tuned.  If you want to be involved attend the CCPG & LVPG meetings, attend subcommittee meetings.  If you have questions I will do my best to lead you in the right direction, whether it is meeting dates locations etc.  (858) 752-9779

Email: DM@clairemonttimes