May 20th Clairemont Planning Group Notes

Notes From May 20th Clairemont Community Planning Group

  • Bigger than normal crowd at the meeting (normal being 5-8 people) there was roughly 20-30 in attendance.

Morena Blvd Talk

  • It was nice to see D2 Councilmember Ed Harris attend the meeting he gave a brief update as well as took Q&A.  According to him, if you think the 60’ Morena height limit has been resolved and the 30’ supporters have won, think again.  Seems like some creative wording from downtown will still allow for a 60’ alternative.  Stay involved this will be a long process.
  • Public comment quickly turned to Morena Blvd. with the majority of speakers opposed to more density, reasons including traffic, parking & where is all the water going to come from given that we are in drought conditions.
  • Also, people are still anti trolley as well as anti parking lots at proposed trolley stops.
  • Newsflash the trolley has left the station, it is happening and it is coming.  One supporter spoke up and is excited about the trolley coming to town; additionally I spoke with a local business person earlier in the day who is very excited about the trolley.

Urban Forestry Management Plan – Tree Planting & Beautification in ClairemontA PowerPoint presentation was given to discuss thoughts on trees in the neighborhoods by Judie Lincer of San Diego Children & Nature.  “Planting The Right Tree for the Right Place” was a major theme.

A $75,000 grant has been secured to best figure out and plan a way of how trees can make a positive impact within the community.  The 75k is not for purchasing plants or planting, but rather to perform the study.  Specifically, what neighborhoods would benefit most.  Given that Clairemont does not have a Maintenance Assessment District, Clairemont would be at an extreme disadvantage from benefitting from such a plan this proposed tree  plan.

Comments from the public & CCPG Included:

  • People tend to steer clear of trees because of droppings on cars and properties as well as bird droppings
  • A big concern was who is going to choose & buy the specimens, water, maintain future trees? The answer: the study, they conduct will hopefully answer these questions
  • Overall, a lot of concern about the plan because we have trees now that are causing problems and before planting new old tree problems should take precedence
  • There was no list given of tree types to be planted reiterated was the Right Tree Right Place theme
  • 2 Future meetings will be held in September & January regarding updates to the plan they will be  held at UTC & Balboa Park. Stay Tuned


  • Mt Ada Cell Phone Tower will be coming back to the Planning Group  in the future.  A design has been suggested and will be presented at a future meeting.
  • Given how popular the Clairemont Planning Group has become recently it was suggested moving the meeting to Cadman Elementary (4370 Kamloop Ave 92117 off of Moraga), nothing is set in stone but there could be a new meeting location as early as the June meeting. Stay tuned to as well as the Facebook & Twitter of Clairemont Times
  • The Clairemont Planning Group is on Facebook & Twitter ClairemontPG

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*****Back to the Trolley*****

It was mentioned there may be a public workshop by SanDag on the trolley station designs as soon as June.  The idea floated around was to have the workshop along with drawings on tables for each station to be held before the next Planning Group meeting which is scheduled for June 17th.  CCPG starts at 6:30 so possibly the workshop would begin at 5:30.  Since this would probably be a well-attended meeting this is why Cadman Elementary could be the future home of Planning Group meetings.

If you want to see the trolley stations proposed designs this will be a good opportunity to learn, listen & provide feedback.

Two key points:

There is no confirmation on this Trolley Station Design Workshop yet. Stay Tuned.

And subsequently there is no confirmation on permanently moving Clairemont Planning Group to Cadman Elementary.

Visit here for more on the overall project


As information becomes available I will post on as well as Facebook & Twitter: ClairemontTimes

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