Maggie Campbell, The People’s 78th Assembly District Representative

Maggie Campell, 78th District Assembly Representative

Rieka L. Rain, Author

Maggie Campbell is the Official Republican Nominee for the 78th State Assembly District. She is not a career politician. She is a community leader pledging to represent the best interests of all 78th district citizens while serving in Sacramento. She is uniquely qualified to challenge the incumbent who voted to increase our gas and vehicle taxes by up to $300 dollars per year, for a total of $52 billion a year!


Three general areas of her political focus include, but is not limited to, eliminating the gas tax, improving public safety through environmental improvements, and strengthening small business infrastructure.

“The residents of the 78th Assembly District deserve leadership and balance in Sacramento. For too long this community has had inadequate representation within the State Assembly.”

A United States Navy veteran, Ms. Campbell is committed to working with elected officials that believe in supporting quality healthcare for veterans, post-active duty career success, successful transition to civilian life, and meeting the unique needs of female veterans. She is committed to finding ways to permanently eliminate the homeless epidemic of military veterans in San Diego. She will support legislation that empowers the Secretary of Veteran’s Administration to enforce strict disciplinary action against employees who jeopardize the health, safety and well-being of any veteran.

A former Conservative Democrat, Ms. Campbell learned that the platform of the California Democratic Party didn’t align with her conservative Christian values. This lead to her decision to register as a Republican over 8 years ago. The incumbent, a liberal Democrat is focused on his career and making history rather than the addressing the needs of the 78th district and the constituents who elected him to office of State Assembly. In Sacramento, the incumbent’s voting record revealed that he does not have the best interest of this district in mind when he signed his name to the gas tax without voter approval. State Assembly district 78 was left to struggle with excessive taxation and minimal small business infrastructure support. His disregard for the concerns of District 78 has resulted in the neglect of public, historic parks and recreation areas such as Balboa Park. Despite public pleas from is constituents, the incumbent has failed to restore the park and has failed to uphold and protect public safety.

Ms. Campbell cannot be swayed in the interest of maintaining popularity. She is a leader that is not afraid to stand up and fight for what is right and to secure a better future for our families and small businesses. She is prepared to go the distance to achieve this victory for the citizens of 78th Assembly District.

Ms. Campbell utilized her skills and training as a Trauma Intervention Counselor to work successfully across party lines to improve all communities in district 78. She seeks to unify parties and work inclusively within every community of her district to resolve district specific issues, support small businesses, and improve both Veterans Affairs and public safety.

A United States Navy Veteran with a master’s degree in Education [Counseling] and over 30 years of small business experience, Maggie Campbell is the perfect representative for the people of district 78.

In the next article, we will discuss Maggie’s views on health and safety for our families and small business infrastructure.


Contact information : 619-772-1542

Email :


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